Legal Chapter x Young Mendaki Club Pt. II

Our Mr. Muslim Albakri once again had the opportunity to be a facilitator in the second chapter of the Young MENDAKI Club’s collaboration with MENDAKI Club’s Legal Chapter.

On this occasion, the legal workshop was held for tertiary level students from various Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and International Schools in Singapore. The highlight of the workshop was undoubtedly the court room simulation in which students were made to study a mock case before carrying out the cross-examination of factual witnesses in a criminal court setting. The participants were also treated to a dialogue session with lawyers and legal professionals from diverse academic backgrounds.

It is important to us that our young aspiring lawyers are nurtured and encouraged from an early age, and we are honoured to have been able to play a small part in their legal education.

This session was held after the success of the first Legal Chapter workshop held in June 2019